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Using the Boards

Using the boards - board sportsBoard sports

Whether it's surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, windsurfing or mountainboarding - Groundswell Balance Boards can help you achieve the results you're looking for. From beginner to pro, you will see a difference in your performance. Yes, we all think we have good balance, but when did you last try and improve yours? Start with some basic balance training and progress from there.

Next time, instead of watching your favourite tv show sat on the couch, try and watch it whilst controlling your movements on one of our boards. It's amazing how soon the wobbling disappears and you can gracefully move the board at will or just hold it dead still in that neutral position, all the while making tiny adjustments that soon become second nature.

Boardsports are all about muscle memory. Teaching your body to feel and interpret what to do next, at precisely the right time. Once perfected, this is the key to success! Our boards can enable you to re-create endless manoeuvres and fine tune that muscle memory link from your brain to your feet and back.

Using the boards - SnowSnow sports

Everyone looks forward to their ski or snowboard holiday each winter. But how can you maximise your time on the piste and minimise your time on your bum? You might only get to snowboard or ski once a year, so make the most of it! Our boards can give you that massive head start if used regularly in the lead up to your trip.

Don't spend the first 3 days of your holiday on the nursery slopes, slowly trying to find your balance and re-learn what you've forgotten in the last year. Increase your confidence and get those under used muscles working way before you leave for the snow.

Using the boards - FitnessGym / fitness

Can also be used at the gym or home to give you a good cardiovascular workout. Burn calories and tone legs, bums and tums. A great fun alternative to boring treadmill or cross trainer sessions, combined with the core workout of a Swiss ball and crunches. Or for advanced users try Balance Board push ups and dips or incorporate dumbbells and medicine balls into your routine.

Using the boards - FunFun

Get a board and you'll always have smiles on tap! Whether it's just teaching the kids in the garden or getting it out at a get together with friends. It's great to let someone new have a go and watch them wobble and shake, until they finally get it.

Using the boards - RhabilitationRehabilitation after injury

Our boards are invaluable to people recovering from injury. Obviously, used in conjunction with a physio or personal trainer, but slowly you can build back joint strength after knee, leg, foot or ankle injury. Also improving your confidence and mental wellbeing.